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Rap Legal Jargon: From Profit Sharing to Beach Tennis Rules

Hey there, let me tell you a tale
About legal jargon, oh boy, it’s no fail
If you’re dealing with profit sharing
You better have a letter of agreement for profit sharing
It’s the key to success, so they say
Make sure you’re on the right legal way

If you’re doing some writing, remember the MLA
Citation requirements are here to stay
Follow the rules, don’t play it fast
MLA citation, it’s got a blast

If you’re a sub contractor, taxes are due
How to pay tax as a sub contractor, that’s the clue
Don’t be caught unaware, be in the know
Pay your taxes, let the money flow

Now let’s talk about a landmark date
The first legal gay marriage in history, isn’t that great?
A victory for love and equality
Legalizing love, what a beautiful reality

When it comes to the law, you need the best
GL Law Shakespeare Martineau, they’ll pass the test
Legal expertise, solutions galore
With them on your side, you’ll be wanting more

If you ever find yourself in Rajasthan’s domain
Understand the gentleman agreement, it’s no bane
Navigate the legal implications with care
And your troubles? You’ll leave them bare

Court proceedings got you in a bind?
Wondering, „Do you get a free solicitor at court?” Don’t be blind
Legal advice is what you need
And with the right help, you’ll take the lead

And now, let’s head to the beach
Talk about beach tennis rules, hit the ball each
A game of fun and strategy, don’t you know?
Follow the rules, let the beach tennis show

Working partnership, a bond so strong
A working partnership agreement sample, where you belong
Navigate the legalities, make it right
And your partnership? It’ll take the flight

Legal practitioners, hear me clear
Disciplinary tribunal rules, that’s the steer
Professional conduct in the legal lot
Follow the rules, give it your best shot

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