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Legal Insights in Rap Style

Yo, let’s talk legal, let’s talk law
From contracts to fractions, we’ll leave you in awe
First up, fraction subject verb agreement
Essential rules and examples, no need to be vague

Next on the list, an addendum to a contract meaning
Understanding it all, no legal intervening

Need some legal aid, in Somerville we trust
Somerville legal services, expertise a must

Now, is mp3 legal, can I download with glee
Get the lowdown on is mp3 legal and be legally free

Verbal contracts, do they hold any weight
Do verbal contracts mean anything, or are they up for debate

Employer-employee contracts, what’s the deal
Legal guidelines for employer-employee relationship contract, the real deal seal

Big Sur water agreement, implications and more
Legal insight on the big sur water agreement, know what’s in store

Model contract agreement template, free to use
Get your hands on a model contract agreement template, no legal abuse

Law on the books, vs law in action, what’s the fuss
Dig into law on the books vs law in action, no legal cuss

Last but not least, Netflix with a VPN
Is watching netflix with a vpn legal, the answer within

Legal insights in rap style, now you know it all
From fractions to contracts, we’ve answered the call

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